SOMMWAVE is a collaboration of SOMM's around the city that are pooling their intellectual know-how to combine forces in teaching what they can blab around about for hours on end..  wine.  In a fun and interactive setting you get to know that your money gets donated to helping them save up to reach the next level in their education.  Now you have a good and noble excuse for sharing your time drinking wine and eating food that it pairs with! 

Hugo Miller


Hugo was born in New Orleans but lived in Guatemala for most of his youth alongside his grandparents and Mom. His grandfather would play a very important role in sparking his interest in wine. Many moons ago his grandfather shared a glass of his favorite Port and that moment would singlehandedly shape Hugo’s future and involvement with learning more about wine. 

Years later, upon the suggestion of his best friend he started taking an academic approach towards learning more about wine and earning his certifications. Through the course he would discover a newfound love of wines he hadn’t previously known about much less considered.  

Through the years that would follow, Hugo joined the wine department at work. The principle duties include leading inventory once a month and wine education for the staff. Since he entered the department and started teaching, 40 people have passed the introductory level sommelier course held by the Court of sommeliers and he has helped 19 others pass the level 2 certification. 

Along the way Hugo has been blessed with the opportunity to travel to Italy and California to learn more about wine. Every year presents a new vintage and offers great learning experiences that won’t soon be passed up. Cheers!



Cassie Borden was born and raised in New Orleans. As a hometown girl, she studied biology at Southeastern Louisiana University and uses her understanding of science by applying it to the world of wine. She has achieved her second level certification as a sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers and participated teaching about wine at night through an educational company she co-created named SOMMWAVE.  

Currently she is a consultant and endorser of the neighborhood friendly team of educators at the headquarters of SOMMWAVE.



Brooklyn Bain

Brooklyn is a woman of many places and experiences. From a young age, she has moved to many different parts of the United States and traveled to the far reaches of places like France. 

Being exposed to many different environments, people, and cultures, she has always been curious to find the singularities of every experience she encounters. This was no exception when she was introduced to wine, which was love at first sight. From the moment she grabbed the first bottle, she developed a passion and thirst to learn all there is about this wonderful beverage. 

From traveling the French countryside as a child, to sharing her love of wine to retail customers in local wine shops and wine festivals, to working the fine dining in Covington and New Orleans, Brooklyn is a rare vintage that has developed a complex understanding of the grapes as they travel from the life giving vineyards all the way to your glass. Admittedly though, her greatest passion is to be able to share that same love unto other curious wine enthusiasts!

Brooklyn currently works for Chan’s Wine World in the Florida Panhandle.


more somas to come!!


Looking forward to a great 2019